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The Olympic movement is a philosophy of life which can serve the development. And that in our societies, in our developing countries, where often the young people are in search of ideals, where the religion cannot always be the way to answer all their aspiration, where the unemployment plunges them into an uncertainty as for the future. The Olympic movement is maybe one of the means to inculcate to these young people the faith which is indispensable for every individual to forge ahead, to be pugnacious and to be able to participate usefully to the development of its country.

The idea of OLYMPAFRICA Programme has the touch of the former President of the International Olympic Committee ; HE Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch, Marques of Samaranch who, as of the day following his election at the head of the Olympic movement wondered how to enable developing countries, facing survival imperatives, to fully enjoying the benefits of Olympism.

This is how OLYMPAFRICA Programme was born, whose first realizations were in Somone, a small fishermen village 60 km away from the Senegalese capital; which has become a true pole of community development thanks to the OLYMPAFRICA centre named on February 24, 1990 Centre Juan Antonio Samaranch by his patron.


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